Time & Attendance

Outsourcing payroll and automating your timekeeping system go hand in hand because you can’t keep an eye on each one of your employees to know their exact working hours/minutes. This is why modern businesses utilize a time and attendance system. A fully integrated software solution forces employees to properly track their hours and Managers Payroll can walk you through how to efficiently track time and attendance for each employee.

The key result you should expect with a good timekeeping system is to:

  • save time compiling timecards
  • understand how your employees are spending their time
  • close “loopholes” with excessive overtime, tardiness, etc
  • automate the transmission from you time tracking system to your payroll provider

If you’re still compiling employee hours with paper time cards, STOP! Likewise, if you’re not completely satisfied with your web-based system or time clock, then contact Managers Payroll.

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