Payroll Services

Unlike other payroll companies, we meet the needs and expectations of small business owners by providing one-on-one support, assistance with converting, timely updates with regulatory changes, and of course outstanding payroll processing.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit will save time, make your employee’s life easier, and may even help with employee retention. Best of all, it’s FREE with Managers Payroll. With direct deposit, your employees will get access to their secure online account so they can view current and historical paystubs.

Payroll Reports

Keeping track of the “true” cost of your payroll expenses is vital to managing your business cash flow. With our summary and detailed reports, you’ll be able to track data to help you determine labor burdens, productivity trends, and more. We offer detailed and summary payroll reports, tax payments and earnings records, deductions and contribution reports, just to name a few.

Tax Filing Services

Remaining compliant with today’s complicated and ever-changing payroll tax filing requirements tends to create a large burden for employers. Let Managers Payroll tax filing services shield you from possible payroll tax penalties by providing accurate and timely filing, reporting, and depositing of your payroll taxes and related returns.

Payroll Downloads for QuickBooks and More

One of the most time-consuming tasks a bookkeeper must tackle is to create a journal entry that records the employee wages, taxes and deductions. With our automated general ledger export, your accounting software will be updated with completely accurate payroll information, within seconds!

Our general ledger export is a free service and works with all many accounting software packages including QuickBooks, Peachtree, ATX, TaxWise and more.

So, whether you’re looking for a better way to administer your payroll…manage and pay your payroll taxes…distribute paychecks…or report new hires…Managers Payroll has the right solution for your growing business!