Has your state tax deposit frequency changed?

State Withholding Tax Deposit frequencies are necessary in order to file and pay our clients taxes on time. Because we don’t received information from the state or federal tax agencies directly, it is the client’s responsibility to provide Ashgrove Payroll with this information.

What is a state withholding tax deposit frequency?

When money is withheld from your employee’s check(s) for state taxes, that money is called state withholding tax. A deposit frequency is the rate in which you we required to remit withholding tax to the appropriate agency.

How is my deposit frequency determined?

How often you file and pay withholding tax depends on the size of your payroll. The larger your payroll, the larger the withholding and therefore the more frequently you will report and pay the tax.

How do I find out what my state deposit frequency is?

Every employer that is required to withhold tax from their employee’s check(s) must register with the appropriate state agency. At that time you will be assigned a deposit frequency. The agency also performs periodic reviews of your account and may change your deposit frequency. When this occurs, the agency will notify you directly of the change. Ashgrove Payroll does NOT receive a notification from the state.

I have been a client for years, why are you asking for this information now?

Ashgrove Payroll has always required that you provide the most current information, including deposit frequencies, to ensure your taxes are paid and filed accurately.

I have received a deposit frequency change notification. What do I do now?

Fax all deposit frequency notifications received from the state directly to Ashgrove Payroll at 866-432-6140

What if I did not receive a notification of change?

Due to the importance of having the correct frequency for your company, we recommend that employers contact their state agencies annually to determine if their frequency has changed for the upcoming year.